WHATTHEFUNK!  is a Funk/Soul band based out of New York City. In 2013, local law enforcement recommended that the band form for the public good, because if the guys had to hear Justin Bieber or Katy Perry one more f'ing time, they were going to kill somebody. Then, one magical night the ghost of Don Cornelius floated down from his lapels and spoke these prophetic words,

''You're beautiful, baby."   

And the river of soul began to rise...


WHAT THE FUNK!  consists of two different incarnations. The 'BIG BAND' and the 'LITTLE FUNK' Instrumental Band. Both assured to get your soul stirring and feet movin'. Music so hot and groovy, the Fire Marshall once had to show up to extinguish a womans ass. (She's fine now, but wears only asbestos underpants.)

WHAT THE FUNK!  is made up of the following core members. Jack 'Attack' Henson on Drums,  Gai,'Chu-ay Groove' on Lead Guitar, C.C. 'Soul Cracker' on Tenor Saxophone, Vlad, 'The Soul Impaler' on the Log, and Humberto, 'The Funky Flash' on Keys.

SPECIAL GUESTS  are always popping by to say hello and are guaranteed to get your booty shakin'!

Sure, you can hire someone with sparkly hair to play the radio for your next event. But wouldn't you rather help populate the earth by hiring a band that plays SOUL music? Baby makin' music? 

             WTF! Music!  

Groovin' Funk.mp3