FUNKY TRIVIA

QUESTION #1. - Who was the first person to coin the term 'funk'?

ANSWER - The word funk(y), means stinky. The musical seed itself going back to Afro/Cuban music, pressed through the American filter of Gospel, Soul and Rhythm and Blues. Those first seeds were planted in New Orleans and it wasn't long before artists like Little Richard began to nibble from its fruit. But, it was the incomparable James Brown that grew it into the towering giant many of us know today. 

That said, there would be no funk without the Bass Guitar. For eons, Bass players were supposed to stand in the back row, keep time and shut up. But then along came 'heavy groove' players like Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins. (Ever heard a bass player 'slapping' his Bass? Well, Larry Graham invented it.)

But the short answer would arguably be New Orleans drummer Earl Palmer, who is credited as being the first to use the word 'funky' to other musicians when requesting a more syncopated and danceable groove. 

QUESTION #2.  What legendary figure is known as The Godfather of Soul?

ANSWER: Actor Don Knotts.

QUESTION #3.  What was the birthplace of the late great blues icon, B.B. King?


QUESTION #4.  What was Elvis Presley's favorite food? 

ANSWER: Deep fried Peanut Butter and Dexedrine sandwiches.

QUESTION #5.  What instrument did legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. make famous?

ANSWER: The Shofar.

QUESTION #6.  What was Mahatma Ghandi's 'middle' name?

ANSWER: Goosey Goosey.

QUESTION #7.  Originally designed to improve the tonality of Military Marching Bands, ADOLF SAX invented what instrument?

ANSWER: The Banana.

QUESTION #8.  How do they concentrate Orange Juice? 

ANSWER: Freshly squeezed juice and filtered orange juice is pasteurized and is evaporated under vacuum and heat to remove most of the water before it is frozen. This process strips out certain essences and oils. The concentrated juice, about 65°Bx, is then stored at about +10°F (-12°C). At this point essences and oils, recovered during the vacuum concentration process, are added back to restore the flavor. To make cans of frozen concentrate for sale, filtered water is added back to bring the Brix level down to 42°Bx, about three times the concentration of fresh juice.